Reef and Wreck Fishing in Key West offers many species of fish equal to what we find offshore. Snapper, grouper, amberjack, permit, cobia, african pompano, tarpon and sharks all swim in the same areas around reef and wreck habitat. On any given day any of these species may be available.

Some of the species available inshore are:


Permit range in weight from 30 to 50 lbs. Permit are generally caught by sight casting using crabs, small jig heads, or shrimp.

Permit are known for their power and endurance which makes them an excellent fish on light tackle.

  • The best Permit-fishing time in the Keys is the spring season.


Cobia resemble sharks when in the water, usually brown or dark gray and white. Adults average 20 lbs. to 50 lbs., sometimes going over 80 lbs. The Florida record is 114.5 lbs!

Bringing a Cobia to the boat is a little tricky. You first need to get them clear of any obstructions they can wrap your line around. This fish is excellent fresh and smoked!

  • Best times to catch Cobia: December through May.


The Great Barracuda is commonly found among wrecks and artificial reefs. These fish average around 5-15 lbs., but can top 30 lbs. inshore to 50 lbs. offshore. The Florida record is 67 lbs.

Aboard the Odyssea, we fish for Barracuda with live bait. Once caught, these fish have great strength and stamina during the fight, taking long runs and wild jumps.

Barracuda is excellent eating ONLY when small (5lbs and under).

  • Best times to catch Barracuda: Year-round.


Here in Key West we catch many varieties of Grouper, but the most common is the Black Grouper. These fish average 15-40 lbs. but can top 100 lbs.

Grouper like to live around wrecks and on the reef. When fishing for grouper, we will generally drift with live baits in order to draw them away from their holes. Grouper strike aggressively and fight hard.

Being one of the tastiest fish makes it an extra rewarding catch.

  • Grouper are caught year round in Key West.

African Pompano

African Pompano are large, flattened fish, silvery in color. Adults average 15 lbs. to 30 lbs., sometimes going over 50 lbs. The Florida record is 50.5 lbs.

Pompano is best fished with light-tackle and, when hooked, will fight and circle, making full use of its flat side to get away. This fish is excellent eating!

  • Best times to catch Pompano: Year-round, although sporadic.


Tarpon are long, thick fish with colors of steel blue and silver. Tarpon are larger fish ranging from 20 to 75 lbs. and can sometimes exceed 150. The Florida record is 243 lbs!

When hooked, Tarpon put on an acrobatic show, jumping frequently on their long, powerful runs. The Odyssea fishes for Tarpon using live baits or by shrimp trash that we get from the local shrimp boats.

  • Tarpon season is the springtime.


Mutton snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Gray Snapper

We catch many varieties of snapper in Key West. Snapper range from 2 to 35 lbs., with the exception of the Cubera Snapper which can exceed 100 lbs.

Snapper are strong fighters and are caught from the shallowest of water to depths reaching 250 feet. To catch them we use live baits and chunks of cut bait on spinning or stand up tackle.

  • Snapper are common to the Keys year-round.

King Mackerel

Kings are heavy bodied fish with small razor sharp teeth. Their elongated body is built for speed which has earned them the nickname “smokers”.

We fish for Kings using live pilchards or blue runners on spin, plug, or conventional type tackle.

  • The best time to catch Kings are the months of December through April.

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