Offshore fishing around Key West offers many species of fish both swimming the surface of the water, deep in the water column and on the bottom of the ocean.

Certain times of the year we fish for certain fish because they are feeding near the surface or temperatures permit these species to enter shallower water to feed.

Some of the species available offshore are:

Florida Keys Sailfish

One of the most sought after fish of the keys is the sailfish. With their beautiful sail and bold colors, they are the most popular fish for mounting. Sailfish average 30 to 60 lbs., and a few up to 100 lbs. have been taken.

Sailfish are unsurpassed in their strength and spectacle. Aboard the Odyssea, we fish for sailfish using live baits we have caught on the way out.

  • The prime months for catching sailfish in the keys are October thru May.

All fisherman are encouraged to release their sailfish after the catch.

Blackfin Tuna

Averaging 2 to 25 lbs., the most common tuna caught in the keys is the blackfin tuna. However, it is a rare delight to capture one of the larger of the species; the yellowfin tuna. Yellowfins can reach upwards of 200 lbs.

Pound for pound, tunas are the best fighting fish around. A combination of live pilchards and chum makes for a successful day of tuna fishing.

Tuna is delicious sushi style as well as cooked to your liking.

  • The prime months for catching tuna in the keys are October thru May.

Dolphin Fish (Dorado)

Also known as Dorado and Mahi Mahi, Dolphin are strong, speedy fighters and can be acrobatic at times. While in the water, their colors are bright and vibrant; when taken onto the boat, they rapidly change to gray.

These fish usually school in similar sizes, anywhere from 1 to 20 lbs on average, but an adult bull can reach up to 80 lbs. The Florida record is 77.75 lbs.

When fishing for Dolphin, we usually use live bait and casting or chumming. Once a school is located and the first fish caught, we will leave that hooked fish in the water in order to keep the remainder of the school around.

Dolphin is probably one of the most delicious fish we catch, no matter what you do to it, but the simpler the better… broil or barbeque with a little butter!

  • Best times to catch Dolphin: May through August.


With their long slender bodies and zebra-like stripes of white and deep blue, this fish is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Wahoo average 15 to 50 lbs, and can reach weights of up to 100lbs.

Wahoo are known for their long streaking runs, speed and force, which makes for a great fight on light tackle.

  • The best months for catching Wahoo in the keys are November thru July.

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