Since long-line fishing has become a thing of the past here in Key West, the past few seasons have been great for swordfishing in the waters off Key West, Florida.

Swordfishing has become big in the Key West area and Capt. Rush has been out fishing for them when conditions are right.

In the past swordfishing was mainly done at night. It would have to be fairly calm waters and we run out around 18 miles from Key West and drift along the wall, where the depth of the Ocean drops to over 1000ft.

We drift live baits on special fishing rigs with lights and sometimes put special lighting in the water to attract the fish. In the past 10 years swordfishing has evolved into a daytime fishery as well if you can hit it just right. These fish are amazing and come all the way to the surface to eat. And when they eat… hold on. These fish are so powerful it is difficult to describe.

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